PTO Events & Chairs
2015 - 2016

1. Movie Nights: Free to Families (2-3 a year) Chair(s): Tim White

Responsibilities include selecting the movie and getting clearance to view publicly, producing and circulating the flyers to promote event, setting up the screen on movie night, popping free popcorn & providing water bottles for each person. Chairman will need to oversee event beginning to end. The gymnasium at SES will need to be reserved ahead of time with Colleen & the janitor. (2-3 volunteers needed)

2. The Holiday Shoppe: Chair: April LaCroix & Stacey Kaufer

Students shop & buy gifts for the holidays. Responsible for getting (12) volunteers, organizing & setting up the room to shop, buying items for the shoppe, getting flyers & information to the families, shopping list to send home, wrapping items, cashier, organizing times for the students to shop with teachers & their class. You also need to clean up and organize for next year’s shoppe. Purchase gifts & price them for next year’s shop. PTO will need help with the wrapping of gifts, setting up and taking down the shoppe and helping students with their purchases.

3. Dr. Seuss Day: Free in School Event. Chair: Aimee Gates

Responsible for letting families know the date & time of event and what might happen on this special day. Additional volunteers will be needed (2-3). (March – Dr. Seuss's Birthday)

4. Father/Daughter Dance: $10 per family. Chair: Emily Umphlett

Responsible for theme, time and date flyers to the students. Decorations & set up of dance, recruiting volunteers (5), music, water, food & prizes. Need a photographer and print photos. Clean up and janitor fee & let Colleen know the date & the time.

5. Talent Show: FREE Event for the whole Family. Chair(s): Bill Tock & Michael Saccio

Responsible for the theme, time and date flyers to the students. This should be done no later than a month ahead of time. You will let the PTO know your theme & your date a month prior to the show. Responsible for the wardrobe, music choices of participants. Also, responsible for the behavior of the students, while on the stage and off. (2-3) volunteers needed.

6. Mother & Son Minute to Win It Challange: $10 per family. Chair(s): Linda Poole, Nikki Dockum & Jeff Johnson

Responsible for Theme, getting time & date to the students & families, and the janitor fee. Decorations, activities & events, asking for volunteers to help with the event. (8 - 10) volunteers needed.

7. School Wide Tag Sale. Chair(s): Nichole Warner & Linda Poole

This will coincide with spring cleaning and will have the students & their families selling those things that they cannot use any longer. Will make flyer & circulate it prior to the event. (Date will be decided by the chair(s).) Will need (2-3) volunteers to help out.

8. Family Dance: $10 per family. Chair: Emily Umphlett

Responsible for letting families know the time and date of event & cost. Theme & decorations, music and recruiting volunteers (3) to help with the entrance fee and keeping the atmosphere safe. Clean up after it is over. Water and popsicles will be free.

9. Muffins with Mom: Free Event. Chair: _______________________________

Responsible for getting muffins for every student and mom. Volunteers needed to help maintain the muffin table. Need to be available in the AM.

10. Doughnuts with Dad: Free Event. Chair: ______________________________

Responsible for getting doughnuts for every dad and student. Volunteers needed to help maintain the doughnut table. Need to be available in the morning. (1-2 volunteers needed)

11. Teacher Appreciation Week: Chair(s): __________________________________

Responsible for coming up with a theme for the week and providing lunch and a small gift for each teacher and staff member. Can make it a week-long event, or whatever you want to do. Will need volunteers to help cook luncheon and plan the week.

12. Big Truck Night Carnival Chair(s):

Aimee Gates/Hannah Outwater/Jay Coonradt (Food), Amanda Mattison (Publicity), Aimee & Robert Brown (Big Trucks), Lisa Loomis/Sue Phelps/ Kara Scary (Gift Baskets), Linda Poole (Games), Nichole Warner (Prizes), Amanda Mattison (Set-up & Break Down), and Nichole Warner (Coordinator)

This is our end of the year carnival. Coordinators of event are responsible for recruiting volunteers to run the games, make the food, organize the silent auction baskets, set up and tear down the event. Handle promotion of the event in the local paper and produce flyers for students with date & time. Securing all the Big Trucks. Purchasing the prizes.

13. Bake Sales: Chair(s): __________________________________________________

There are only two (2) of these events; the winter holiday concert and the spring concert. Responsible for getting items and selling them at these concerts. Securing the cash and putting it back to Colleen.

14. The School Store Chair(s): April LaCroix, Nichole Warner & Frieda Gardner

Responsible for buying & pricing of school supplies, setting up & taking down of the school store, all with the help of the student council helpers. Student Council members will count the $ & get it ready for the Treasurer. Tell PTO Treasurer of the profits & all spending.

15. Monthly Soup for Teachers & Staff: Chair: _____________________________________________

Responsible for getting soup and other lunch items to the teacher’s room for the cold months of the year. (2 -3 Volunteers per month)