Movie Night

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The Lorax Friday, March 16 at 5:30 PM

Father/Daughter Dance

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Father Daughter Dance - Feb. 9 6:00-7:30PM

Read to Succeed

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Dear Shaftsbury Elementary School Teacher with Students:
Six Flags Read to Succeed

Through the Read to Succeed program, Six Flags wants to reward you for your hard work and dedication to literacy. All eligible students and teachers have the opportunity to earn free tickets to the park by completing six hours of recreational reading. All students in grades K through 6 are welcome to register and participate.

Any student who completes six hours of reading outside of school will earn one admission ticket to the park for summer 2018. The eligible reading materials must be non-school-related, and can include picture books, newspapers, comic books, novels, and nonfiction. Parents and students will track the hours spent reading and submit a reading log to their classroom teacher.

Teachers who register at the Six Flags Read to Succeed website and submit the completed reading hours of at least eight (8) students will also receive a free admission ticket to thank them for their efforts for encouraging and supporting the students.

1. Register by March 1, 2018
Registration is easy! Follow the easy step by step process in TeacherQuickTips.

2. Log Your Students’ Reading
After your students have completed their 6 hours (or more!) of reading, log into this system again. At that time you'll need to enter at least eight (8) of your students’ names, grade and total reading hours. Please note: you do not need to enter the names of any of your students until they have completed their reading and turned in their sheets. All of your students who have completed their 6 hours (or more!) of reading must be logged by either the school coordinator or the classroom teacher by March 1, 2018 at 5pm Central Standard Time.

3. Save the Completed Student Reading Logs for Future Reference
Reading logs will NOT need to be mailed this year. However, teachers are asked save the completed Student Reading Logs for future reference.

Read to Succeed was launched in 1985 to help support literacy, and has since donated millions of tickets to elementary school students and teachers. Their goal is to reward students for their hard work and give them a place to play when school is out for the summer. For teachers, it’s a way to thank them for educating and motivating students, and give them a place to relax during the summer.

For more information, please contact Sheila Spurr or visit

Sheila Spurr
Six Flags Read to Succeed Coordinator

Spirit Week

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The Shaftsbury Elementary School Student Council would like to share our next spirit week with you. All donations will go to the local Coats for Kids foundation. If a student would like to participate in spirit week it is 50 cents for each day or $1 for the week. Students can also bring in donations. Each classroom teacher has an envelope to collect the money. If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Clark. Thank you.





Pajamas and Stuffed Animal Day
(wear pajamas and bring in a stuffed animal)

Crazy Hair and Hat Day
(Craze up your hair or wear a crazy hat)

Competition Day
(Bring in aluminum tabs from cans and the class with the most wins a prize)

Twin/Triplet Day
(Dress like others)

Ugly Sweater Day
(Wear or create an ugly sweater/sweatshirt/T-shirt)


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Mother/Son Challenge, Friday, May 12th  6:00-7:30 PM

Muffins with Mom

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Muffins with Mom - May 12 8:00 until 8:30 AM

Spirit Week

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Spirit Week April 2017

Welcome to the New Shaftsbury Elementary School Website

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The SVSU family of websites have been migrated from WIX to the free SVSU Google Apps for Education domain. The goal of the new sites is to provide an improved site appearance, a more streamlined navigation experience and faster webpage load times while decreasing the amount of network resources required by each site visitor. The websites for all the schools within the SVSU follow the same template allowing visitors to more easily find information across the sites.

The contents of each navigation tab drop down menu are described below.

Comcast Cares

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As part of Comcast Cares Day, several Comcast employees spent the morning at Shaftsbury Elementary School on Saturday April 30th completing a number of spring cleanup projects and painting the gymnasium. The students, staff, parents and community of Shaftsbury would like to thank Comcast for their time and funds for this project, specifically project organizers Mike Elwell and Chad Raetz.

Interpreting Your Child's State SBAC Results

posted Jan 5, 2016, 12:44 PM by Elaine Hulett

  • MAUHS Student Shawn Devlin 
  • Assistant Superintendent Donna Leep 
  • Superintendent James Culkeen 
Produced by:  
  • SVSU Data Coach Melissa Senecal 
  • SVSU Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Laura Boudreau 

Interpreting Your Student's SBAC Results

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